A Treasured Threat

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Saturday, March 29, 2014
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It got her out of the house and gave her something that she loved doing. The book also tells a wider tale of community; of working class people finding joy against the drudgery of tough mining work. To Evelyn remembers a time and space at the end of the working week where people could undertake a radical transformation: local miners could become stars for a night, finding temporary fame — or at least emulating something like it.

The beauty of the collection is it was just made by one person with no reason to do it other than pure collecting — there was no financial gain, there was no gain whatsoever apart from her own satisfaction. To Evelyn is available now from CentreCentre.

The Foolish Reason We Drift Away From Our Friends

A group of dolphin strand feeds on the Kiawah River by forcing fish onto the bank then leaping after them to eat. That leaping dolphin, one of the most beloved animals of the South Carolina coast, might be dying off in front of our eyes.

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Nobody knows how many are really out there. More dolphins are dying tangled up in yards of crab pot lines and other marine gear. They are backing away from their usual behaviors as beachgoers and boaters crowd them. The local population of the sea mammals is smaller than many people realize. Some people think the waters around Charleston are home to thousands of dolphins, said Lauren Rust of the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network.

Threats to Our Watersheds

But the last survey by a federal team was done more than a decade ago, in It found only living in Charleston area waters. That survey team has been working in the Gulf of Mexico ever since, in the oily wake of the Deepwater Horizon spill.

Mexico's treasured crop under threat - FT World

Researchers have found toxins in the blubber of dolphins in Charleston Harbor including some of the worst concentrations of man-made carcinogens ever found in the animals. A virus that broke out from to along the East Coast killed more than 1, dolphins, including most of the found washed up dead in South Carolina, according to NOAA.

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While most bottlenose dolphins seen in Charleston waters tend to live here, it's not widely realized that many more dolphins are migratory, swimming up and down the East Coast. NOAA researchers have identified at least 50 "stocks. Of those, more than 1, died during the recent virus outbreak.

The Threat – US Mail: Not for Sale

Few, if any, deaths involved local Charleston dolphin. But migrating dolphins come inshore in the fall to mate with local dolphins in Charleston waters and elsewhere. A more serious die-off could have been devastating to both, biologists have said.

Chad Hayes can tell when the migrating mammals show up: They are generally larger than the pod of dolphin in the Kiawah River that he knows individually after 16 years of studying them. Hayes, a trained wildlife biologist and a former S. He is compiling a data set on their reproduction and striking behaviors that include strand feeding. The source of the leak has yet to be found. Australia initially sent experts to help monitor the spill, but Foreign Minister Marise Payne said on Sunday that the country would step up efforts and send equipment, vessels and experts to help contain the damage to Rennell Island, which is home to animal species found nowhere else.

In a statement, the insurer said the ship had run aground on Feb.

A Treasured Threat A Treasured Threat
A Treasured Threat A Treasured Threat
A Treasured Threat A Treasured Threat
A Treasured Threat A Treasured Threat
A Treasured Threat A Treasured Threat

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