Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques

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The results are depicted in the figure below along with the Fourier spectrum of the autocorrelation trace. The total optical path from source to detector through optical components and air was nearly the same for both interferometers. Within the accuracy of the measurement, both interferometers gave the same value for the TH pulse duration.

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Papadogiannis et al. The observation of a non-linear process, e.

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This is not only because of the interesting new physics inherent to the process, but also because it opens up the possibility of applying well established approaches in fs-laser pulse metrology to short pulses in the XUV wavelength region by providing an appropriate non-linear detector. Thus, second or higher order auto-correlation techniques can be appropriately modified for XUV radiation and utilized for the temporal characterization of individual higher-order harmonics or of a harmonic superposition.

In terms of the perturbation theory, this is a second order processes induced by the shortest wavelength and broadest bandwidth ever reported so far. A schematic of the experimental set-up used is shown in the previous figure. The laser beam is focused with a 1.

This comprises two gold-coated spherical mirrors of 5 m radius of curvature one fixed in the x-y plane and the other in the x-z plane. The fundamental is filtered out by a 0. Other than a 15 volt dc power, the picture of the compact autocorrelator shown below contains all the electronics and the optics including a HeNe passed photodiode for generating a calibrated time delay.

The autocorrelator has an order of magnitude reduction in size compared to a conventional device, yet the sensitivity and integrity of a measurement is maintained. The simplicity of the optical arrangement and the comparison with the conventional SHG autocorrelation technique are shown here. Our mission is to develop state-of-the-art instrumentation required for experimental research programs at Brookhaven Lab and to maintain the expertise and facilities in specialized high technology areas essential for this work.

Development of facilities is motivated by present Brookhaven research programs and anticipated future directions of research. Our work has a significant impact on programs throughout the world that rely on state-of-the-art radiation detectors and readout electronics. One of ten national laboratories overseen and primarily funded by the Office of Science of the U. Department of Energy DOE , Brookhaven National Laboratory conducts research in the physical, biomedical, and environmental sciences, as well as in energy technologies and national security.

Frequency Resolved Optical Gating The Measurement of Ultrashort Laser Pulses

There are methods of complete pulse characterization [5], which reveal the electric field versus time or the complex spectrum including spectral shape and spectral phase of ultrashort pulses. The results can be visualized in various ways, e. Note that apart from the temporal aspect, there is also the spatial aspect [15].


Pulse Characterization

Both aspects are often approximately separated in the sense that the whole spatio-temporal profile of the electric field of a pulse can be specified as the product of two functions, one depending only on time and the other only on the spatial position. However, a significant coupling of temporal and spatial properties can occur in various situations.

For example, pulses from Kerr lens mode-locked lasers often exhibit a time-dependent beam radius , which makes the complete characterization and modeling very challenging. Another spatio-temporal aspect is pulse front tilt , which is related to angular dispersion and can, e. Accurate and reliable pulse characterization is essential for many applications. For example, if an ultrafast laser system does not work properly, e.

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The problem can be located and fixed only if the pulse properties can be monitored. Particularly careful pulse characterization may be required in the laser development , where various effects on the pulse formation need to be investigated.

Optical Pulses - Lasers - Measuring Techniques - 1st Edition

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  8. See also: pulses , spectral phase , carrier—envelope offset , autocorrelators , frequency-resolved optical gating , spectral phase interferometry , streak cameras and other articles in the categories light detection and characterization , optical metrology , light pulses. If you like this article, share it with your friends and colleagues, e.


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    Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques
    Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques
    Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques
    Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques
    Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques
    Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques Optical Pulses–Lasers–Measuring Techniques

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