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Barbara Carswell. Contact: Contact me via our online reference service citing my name and the title of this guide.

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Introduction This is a guide to finding records on Australian service personnel and their war activities. Librarians can help with searching the catalogues and databases. We have found the service record for Daniel T. Lynch on the National Archives site. This has enormous detail.

Ted Lynch enlisted in Melbourne on 10 September, The Argus newspaper has a brief reference to recruiting that day. In May the unit diary see 'Regiments' tab indicates they were involved at Noreuil Valley in the battles of Bullecourt. Ted Lynch's service record shows he was gassed 3 June This site also has detail of the attack.

Armentieres is west-north-west of Lille, Ploegsteert is just north of Armentieres.

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Lynch was invalided to Southwark Military Hospital. From the Unit diaries, you can follow what the 12th FAB was doing at the time. She describes how the role of the women is to support all these fragile men and basically massage their egos because otherwise they will go to pieces. Click to read more about A Woman in Berlin. This book is about not just World War II but it is also about the Stalinist repression of the areas known as the borderlands, which Snyder has termed the bloodlands. Snyder is looking at the deliberate mass murder of civilians in a particular zone of Europe between about , at the start of the second Ukraine famine, and The zone is the territory that lies between central Poland and, roughly, the Russian border, covering eastern Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic republics.

It is a remarkable work, not just of scholarship and research but, above all, of a fresh angle on the way that the inter-reaction between Nazism and Stalinism actually caused such appalling levels of hatred and murder in this particular area. For example, the great famine in the Ukraine in the early s was blamed on the Jews by the communists. They created rumours to indicate that it was the Jews who had been responsible for the famine when it had been the communist authorities themselves.

And this fuelled a sort of latent anti-Semitism within the Ukraine. So, of course, when the Germans arrived, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, who actually served the Germans both as volunteers in the army but also as concentration camp guards, gave the extra impetus to the terrible massacres that took place. One of the themes of the book is the power of propaganda which was used throughout World War II.

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  4. Quantum inversion theory and applications: proceedings of the 109th W.E. Heraeus Seminar held at Bad Honnef, Germany, May 17-19, 1993.

Yes, and even from before. I think that Goebbels was a diabolical genius. He saw that hatred was not enough and you had to combine hatred with fear if you were going to get the maximum killing potential out of your followers. Snyder, in this extraordinary book, shows how some 14 million people were killed in this particular region, which basically runs from Eastern Germany all the way though to Eastern Belarus and the Ukraine as well as the Baltic States, Poland and Hungary into the Balkans.

These were the areas where most of the Jews lived who had suffered in the Holocaust but also where the Nazis positioned their extermination camps. The borderlands were the most blood-soaked regions of World War II. Click to read more about Bloodlands.

What particular aspects of the war does your book, The Second World War , focus on? In a way the book has not a very admirable genesis. I became more and more conscious that I had concentrated on certain areas of World War II and I always felt a bit of a fraud being billed as the great expert because I knew perfectly well that there were certain areas of which I knew nothing! And I also realised how important it was to bring the whole thing together. This was a battle between the Soviets and Japan and it was one of the most influential battles in the whole of World War II.

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Diego Gambetta on The Sicilian Mafia. Michael Palliser on Diplomacy Books. Adam Eaker on The Dutch Masters.

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Barry Eichengreen on The Euro. Steven Katz on The Holocaust. Patrick Kingsley on Refugees Books. Timothy Snyder on Dissent Books. John Dickie on The Italian Mafia. Carmen Callil on The Other France. Matthew Engel on Britishness Books. Nick Clegg on Favourite Books. Ian Buruma on East and West Books. Tariq Ramadan on Islam in the West Books. Another remarkable work on official policies is Morley, James W. Kokusai shakai to Nihon [Hara Takashi.

Vision in a Time of Change. Ideals in Diplomacy and Politics], 2 volumes, Tokyo For a study centred on domestic debates, see Dunscomb, Paul E. Cooperation and Conflict over China], Tokyo Tokyo Charles: Making Waves. Nicol, Clive W. Images and Perceptions, London and New York , pp. Basingstoke Among the general surveys published so far for an international readership, one is worthy of mention for its effort to include an East Asian perspective. See Xu, Guoqi: Asia.

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  • In: Winter, Jay: Global War, vol. Selected Bibliography Asada, Sadao: Shiberia shuppei. Dickinson, Frederick R. Kajima, Morinosuke: The diplomacy of Japan Kawamura, Noriko: Turbulence in the Pacific. Japan and the wider world in the s , Leiden et al. Nish, Ian Hill: Alliance in decline.

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    Daiichiji taisenki History of Japanese imperialism. Shimazu, Naoko: Japan, race, and equality. The racial equality proposal of , London Routledge. Metadata Subjects. Author Keywords. GND Subject Headings. LC Subject Headings. Rameau Subject Headings. Regional Section s. Thematic Section s.

    Researching World War I: A Handbook Researching World War I: A Handbook
    Researching World War I: A Handbook Researching World War I: A Handbook
    Researching World War I: A Handbook Researching World War I: A Handbook
    Researching World War I: A Handbook Researching World War I: A Handbook
    Researching World War I: A Handbook Researching World War I: A Handbook
    Researching World War I: A Handbook Researching World War I: A Handbook
    Researching World War I: A Handbook Researching World War I: A Handbook

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