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When your system's acting flaky and you're trying to figure out what's going on, the Reliability Monitor may help. Search for "reliability" from the Start menu, and run View reliability history. You'll get a graph of your system's "stability index" over a period of days and weeks rated on a scale of 1 to It displays which programs, Windows components, or miscellaneous items crashed on a given day, helping you identify problem items.

When you need outside PC help, it's much better to let them see for themselves what's happening on your system. But if remote access isn't an option, the Problem Steps Recorder may be the next best thing. Search for and run "psr" from the Start menu.

Microsoft how to use windows 7

Click Start Record, and the utility will record your activities through a series of screen shots, automatically including captions that show exactly where you clicked. You can also use the Add Comment button to highlight specific areas of the screen and insert custom annotations.

If your Windows 7 laptop isn't getting the battery life you expect—or it experiences power-related issues, such as the inability to go into standby or hibernate mode—the problem usually lies with incorrectly configured power management settings.

Windows 7's Power Efficiency Report can help you sniff out potential problems. Type search for CMD from the Start menu, run it as an administrator right-click cmd. From the command prompt, type powercfg —energy include the space to scan your system, and after about a minute, you'll find a file called energy-report. Copy the report to another location and open it you'll get a file not found error if you try to open it from the system32 folder for detailed information about what system devices or settings are throwing a monkey wrench into your power management.

Get more details on the PowerCfg utility.

Microsoft pitches free help for Windows 7-to-Windows 10 upgraders | Computerworld

You already know that you can right-click your favorite programs and pin them to the Windows 7 Taskbar for easy access. Although there's no such option for folders, there is another way to keep them close at hand on the Taskbar. Right-click any folder, drag it to an empty space on the Taskbar or to the Windows Explorer button , and let go when "Pin to Windows Explorer" appears. Now when you right-click the Windows Explorer button, your folders will be accessible via the Jump List. It's no secret or at least, it shouldn't be that when you delete files or folders in Windows, they're not actually erased—the space they took up is simply marked as "available for use," which allows the files to be recoverable with the right software until they're overwritten with new data.

There is a utility built-into Windows even XP Pro and Vista that will overwrite all the free space on a hard drive, insuring any files you've deleted stay dead. Be patient—the process can take a long time if you have a lot of free space. If you check out the network connections of most Wi-Fi-equipped Windows 7 systems except those with Starter Edition , you'll notice an adapter called Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter.

This virtual adapter can act as a software-based access point; it takes a wired or wireless network connection and makes it available a separate wireless network. You don't have to bring any baggage of computer-related knowledge into the equation, and that's what makes it great for beginners.

Windows 7 is coming to an end

As I said just now, you don't have to know much about computers when you start reading this, you'll still be able to do a decent job. The information is comprehensible, and it's structured in a manner that allows you to find the answer to your problem in a very short time.

You don't have to read everything, you just have to browse the table of contents, find what ails you at that certain moment, go to the page, follow the step-by-step procedure and perform the task quickly, so you can be on your way and "live your life". That sounds really nice indeed, but that also means that you won't get much knowledge on Windows 7 from it.

This book is like a conversation guide in Finnish. Yes, you will be able to ask where the toilet is, and find it, but you'll never learn the language. The authors wanted to write a book on computers with no computer talk.

How to install Windows 7 (clean or reinstall) - simple & easy! HD (tutorial - howto)

It's very friendly and fun to read, but if you want some technical stuff, you will need to look someplace else. If you couldn't care less about the technical background and you only want to get something done on a computer with the minimum amount of headaches, then this book is perfect.

Here's what we can find in it:. At a first glance, yes! It's plain English, with no computer talk, it tries to reach the reader at a more personal, human level. The step-by-step approach works great in the beginning, when the simple tasks are explained, but gets bumpy on the way, as the issues get more complex.

  • Microsoft pitches free help for Windows 7-to-Windows 10 upgraders.
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  • 640-801 Cisco CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Avoiding the technical jargon this much is a risky ambition since, as plain and simple as this book wants to be, it deals after all with computers. After reading the book I realized that the initial verdict was the correct one. It's also good for entry-level users, as they will be able to get accustomed to Windows 7 in an easy way. Applying the same metaphor I used earlier, I could say that, if you're just visiting Windows 7 from time to time and want to know your way around, this book is the perfect conversation guide.

However, if you want to learn more about this operating system, buy yourself a 'dictionary'. A long time ago, Microsoft decided to end the development of Windows Movie Maker , a program that many Windows users used for creating videos. People were asking for a new tool and, although it took some time, in the versions of Windows 10 starting with Fall Creators Update , Microsoft introduced a new tool that lets users create and edit videos.

It is called Video Editor, and it offers more options and features than you'd expect. Here are twelve things that you can do with the Video Editor app from Windows While Windows 10 updates such as May Update comes with new features and improvements, some things are not so great.

We are not trying to be perfectionists, but there are more than just a few things that Microsoft could change or improve in Windows Some of our complaints are small, while others are quite significant.

If you are curious to find out what people do not like about Windows 10, read on:. It is called Xperia 5, and it's part of the Sony flagship series, with a thin and compact design. Sony Xperia 5 has most of the features found on the Xperia 1, in a smaller form, while at the same time keeping the high quality aspect ratio display. The smartphone also has a photo system with three cameras on its back. Find out more about the Xperia 5, how it looks, and what hardware it offers, read this article:. Most people do not associate the terms "gaming mouse" with "vertical mouse.

Trust GXT Rexx is a vertical mouse that was designed for gaming.

Windows 7 Plain Simple Windows 7 Plain Simple
Windows 7 Plain Simple Windows 7 Plain Simple
Windows 7 Plain Simple Windows 7 Plain Simple
Windows 7 Plain Simple Windows 7 Plain Simple
Windows 7 Plain Simple Windows 7 Plain Simple
Windows 7 Plain Simple Windows 7 Plain Simple

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